Book Awards:

Winner of the 2013 May Sarton Poetry Prize,

Winner of the 1998 Permafrost Poetry Chapbook Contest, University of Alaska, Fairbanks,
for COIL

Reviews of Twine:

Georgia Review

Colorado Review 


Reviews of Compendium

The Journal





"A Set of Instructions..." & "Ode..." FIVE:2:ONE

"Hocus Pocus," "Abracadabra," & "We’ve Heard Rumors...," Letters

"$10,000 Pyramid Sonnet," Glass

"I Dream I Am Walking the Streets of Some Unknown Metropolis..." Prairie Schooner

"From Symphosius: Word Problems #38" & "Types of Angels," Compose

"Kolupto," "Kalodidaskalos," "The Olive Trees of Korfu Redux," ":Matthew's Algorithm #17 from Spam," & ":Matthews Algorithm #22 from Symphosius," Light

"Yosemite Lostness Fable," Columbia Poetry Review

"In Limbo at the Millennium," Greensboro Review

"I left out that part busted sonnet tanka for Amanda," Shadowgraf

"This Year I...," "In a Family Room Of a House Where a Three-Year-Old Is Raising His Parents," & "Superman Battles Cthulu Under the Watchful Eye of the Zap Gun," Smartish Pace

"Noose," Pinch

"Stowaway" & "The Singing Ship," Tin Cannon

"The Day We Translated Catullus 8 in Mr. Nemesh's Latin Class," Cider Press Review

"Shadow Thief," "Catullus 3," & "Catullus 8," Interim

"Portrait of the Artist as Slow Food," Verse

"Morning Meditation Busted Sonnet Sequence Failure 19," Borderlands

"Supernova," TAB: The Journal of Poetry & Poetics

"Amanda's Mirror Calls the Overtones Upon her Latest Departure," "What Amanda's Looks Say," "The Spycam Captures Amanda Trying on Her Daughter's Underwear," & "On the Invention of Amanda," Sparkle & Blink | Quiet Lightning

"Poem to be Cut into Confetti" and "Portrait of the Artist as a Playlist Sonnet," Mary

"Field of View," Mudlark

"Heteroscedasticity" and "Heteroscedasticity II" Phylogeny, SWP Lit Mag, The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics

"Manes Gossiping, Overheard" Carolina Quarterly

"Breba," Apt

"Perishable Gods," Kenyon Review

"The Toll," "The Cormorant," "Ms. Yen's Music Studio Summer Recital," "Drift," & "Some Lines to a Jazz Singer," BlazeVox

"The Windmills of Altamont Pass," Phoebe

"The Aquarium at the Potluck," Isotope

"The Darling Killer" 32 Poems

"Translations, Eleven From Catullus: 5, 6, 13, 32, 37, 43, 55, 70, 85, 106, 109" Cipher Journal

"Bohemians en Voyage by Baudelaire," "There in Timbuktu," "To Gerard de Nerval" and "Sunrise in Espoo," Arabesques

"At the Terminal," Cranky

"The Tattooed Lady," Del Sol Review

"Shopping at Williams Sonoma," SomaLit (Online) 

"Spurge," Rhino

"Communications in Accordance with Article 5, Paragraph 1 of the Agreement on the Rescue of Astronauts, the Return of Astronauts, and the Return of Objects Launched into Outer Space Partial Pantoum," VOLT

"Denial," Cimarron Review

"Swimming Laps at High Altitude," "American Gryphon," "Cross Words," and "What It's Like for Some," CrossConnect

"The Shallows" and "Under the Front Porch," Third Coast

"The Water Skimmer" and "Just In, Reports of Revolution," Illuminations

"General Delivery" and "Gin: Dream," RE:AL

"Night Lines," New England Review

"After a Migraine," Pebble Lake Review (Online)

"After a Migraine" and "The Cottage at Red Bluff," NYQ

"Corkscrew Slough with Mosquito" and "Horses Shimmying in their Paddock," DelMar

"The Town Crier," ZYZZYVA

"Some Lines Written with Invisible Ink," Shampoo (Online)

"Looking for God," The Paumanok Review (Online)

"The Missing Island," The Pedestal Magazine (Online)

"Millipede, Skolopendra," Blue Fifth Review (Online)

"Turning Out the Light," Bitter Oleander

"On the Fall," "On the Equinox," and "What the Flour Needed," Diner

"On the Fall," Prairie Winds

"Alpaca Farm Economy and Tomato Can Label Sestina (After Reading the Art Spirit by Robert Henri 17 Years after it was First Assigned in a Freshman Life Drawing Class)," and "Filmskimming," McSweeney's (Online)

"At Dinner with Shuk Ling," Worm

"The Twittering Machine," Chain

"Cuyahoga Falls Rib Burn-Out," New Millennium Writings

"This Story," "The Graffitti Artist Settles in the Eskimo Village," Euphony

"Spring Meditation," The Pittsburgh Quarterly (Online)

"Rescue Vehicles," read as dispatch by Joe Romero as part of Max Goldfarb's DEEP CYCLE: REINCARNATION OF HERMAN MEYDAG 

"Twittering Machine," "Rescue Vehicles," and "Notes from a Lecture on Sterna Paradisea," Diagram (Online)

"The Attempted Assassination of Jules Verne," "The Petting Zoo," and "The 52nd Floor," Maverick Magazine (Online)

"The Attempted Assassination of Jules Verne," Poetry Midwest (Online)

"Grooming Habits," "The Remedy," and "The Nearest Island," Three Candles (Online)

"The Marking," The West Wind Review

"Manahawk Refuge," Calapooya

"From a Journal: Dooker's Hollow," "Above the Ranch," "At the Oyster Bar," Permafrost

"Indiscretion with Mannequin," Birmingham Poetry Review

"Baron's Shed Mineshaft C," Wisconsin Review

"Market Scene," "Faith Healing," Confluence

"Purgatory," Oxford Magazine

"The Bowhead's Ambergris," "Cross Country Skiing," "Steelhead," Alaska Quarterly Review

"Early Frost," Southern Indiana Review

"On the Invention of Boxing Gloves," "What the Village Did," Poems and Plays

"On Absence," The Comstock Review

"Le Palais Du Cheval," Dream International Quarterly

"The Professor's Wife to the College Boy," Artful Dodge

"Cockeyed Oscars," Painted Bride Quarterly

"Fishing Under Waukesha Bridge," Toad HiWay

"Underage with Ten Dollars at Oscars," Whiskey Island

"Outfielder on the Mound," Aethlon

"On the Nature of Caliban: Bootlicker, Assassin," Snake Nation

"Frogbeaters," Apalachee Quarterly

"Coil," Cutbank

"You Can Hold the Universe in One Woman's Hand, Amanda," New Collage

"After Millay's Love is Not All..." Moravian Review

Academic Research

Academic Research

Academic Research:

Grotesque: Faces in Faces in the Work of Aubrey Beardlsey, Marginalized Literatures Conference, Washington State University

Walking in Two Worlds: Poetic Explorations across Distances and Differences (Inupiaq, Tlingkit, Yupik, Navajo, and Riverside, California Students Reader Response in Cyberspace), Breadloaf Rural Teacher Network Magazine

Cross-Age Tutoring as Pedadgogy-"Students are involved on different levels of tutoring/working with younger students. Currently, Kevin McNulty's 8th grade class in Tumacacori, Arizona; David Koehn's high school students from Barrow, Alaska; Wendy Bessera's high school students participating in Youth Reaching Out to Youth in Deming, New Mexico; and Michelle
Wyman-Warren's 10th grade English Class in Mountainair, New Mexico, sharing, discussing, and advising one another about various activities surrounding work with specific cross age tutoring projects."

Personal Essays

Personal Essays


David Koehn with Jim Daniels at The Conversant

First Verse: David Koehn & Jazzy Danziger

First Verse: David Koehn & Jane Lewty

First Verse: David Koehn & Rachel Mennies

Studio One Reading Series, A Conversation: David Koehn and Dean Rader

Personal Essays:

Some Notes on Harryette Mullen's Sleeping with the Dictionary, The Rumpus

Some Notes on Dean Rader's Chapbook, Landscape Portrait Figure Form, Borderlands

Reclaiming Catullus,,

32 Versions of Catullus 32, A Catullus Matching Quiz,,

Poetry as String Theory a Review of Quipu by Arthur Sze, American Letters and Commentary
*Also see 

On "Syzygy," by Arthur Sze,,

On "The Turnip-Snedder," by Seamus Heaney,,

A Personal Essay: Book Reviews with Self-Portait, The Squaw Valley Community of Writers: Galway Kinnell, Robert Hass, Sharon Olds, Dean Young, and Cornelius Eady, New York Quarterly,

Deep Reassembly, A Review of Profane Halo by Gilian Conoley, Jacket,

A Review of Star Dust: Poems by Frank Bidart, New Hampshire Review,

Some Notes On Suji Kwock Kim and Notes From The Divided Country With A Close Reading Of "Leaving Chinatown"

Some Notes on the Muse of San Francisco, Jacqui Naylor at Chez Hanny

Jacqui Naylor Live at Berkeley's Jazz School: Shades of Blossom Dearie,

Some Notes on Dexter Gordon,

Jacqui Naylor's The Color Five and Some Notes on Doing-It-Yourself,

Soulful Sound Open to the World: Some Notes on Stanley Turrentine,

Gander's Gems: Some Notes on Forrest Gander's The Blue Rock Collection,

A Taxonomic Study Concerning the Circadian Rhythms of Long P. Americana, The Macguffin

Ms. Shakespeare, Carnegie Mellon Magazine



A Walk in the Park, New College, USF
The Accident, Eastern Oregon State College

Translation Awards:

Awarded a Hendrix-Murphy Foundation Programs in Literature and Language Grant to lead a Catullus Translation Workshop/Reading and Student Poetry Reading at Hendrix University

Fellowships and Residency Awards:

Fishtrap Fellow, Fishtrap Writers Conference

Aspen Writers Conference, Scholarship

Ropewalk Writers Retreat, Scholarship

Annenberg Fellow at the Breadloaf School of English

Squaw Valley Community of Writers

Napa Valley Writer's Conference

Rockmirth Residency, Eco-arts Abode, Sapello, New Mexico

Vermont Studio Center, Writer's Grant (Not Yet Completed)

Leighton Studios Residency at Bannff (Not Yet Completed)

Artist's Residency at The Red Cinder Creativity Center of Hawaii

The Santa Fe Art Institute, Writers Residency

Tupelo Press Guided Writing Retreat, Writing Resident, Fellowship Award